RBSK New Scheme

The programme has another new feature of ECHO diagnosis facility at DEIC/ district level for heart patients. As per 1% occurrence of Congenital Heart Disease children in Madhya Pradesh out of 0.1% of screened children that need surgical corrections, the total number of CHD patients turn out to be 295 i.e. rounded off to 300 patients every year. In Madhya Pradesh, currently ECHO test is not done at Government district hospitals and thus these CHD patients have to bear out of pocket expenses for diagnosis test of ECHO by means of private diagnostic centres.

Since, RBSK focusees on catching children young of any ailment (this particular ailment is life-risking) thus we propose that if this ECHO Test facility is been offered to them free of cost under RBSK, it would be beneficial for these rural population poor families to get proper treatment. The cost of test i.e. Rs 2000 would be paid to private diagnostic centres by District CMHO on case to case basis on supplying of bills of test by the diagnostic centre. As this facility is currently unavailble at District Hospitals at Madhya Pradesh, so in existing scenario too, this test is done by outsourcing services of private diagnostic centres but patient bears the cost. To reduce that out of pocket burden of patients (0-18 Years), this activity is proposed at DEIC centres.
The patient would come to DEIC and diagnostic test would be facilitated by DEIC Manager for the patient by outsourcing it to Private Diagnostic Centres at District.

Some other salient feature of the 2015-16 plan under RBSK is as follows:

1. Monthly/ Quarterly Review Meetings of mobile health teams by CMHO and BMO at district and block level. this would help the mobile health teams to clarify any technical issues with the senior doctors and also would let CMHO/BMO know the screening status and service access of referred children to follow up on leftover cases.
2. State Level quarterly review meeting for DEIC managers and RBSK Coordinators for focusing on progress of service accessed patients referred by mobile health teams. This would channelize the team and patients in right directions for service delivery leading to better outputs of the task.
3. Centralized monitoring of RBSK mobility vehicles as per microplan of mobile health teams through GPS
4. Orientation on RBSK software of Mobile health teams, District Coordinators and DEIC Managers as soon as the RBSK software is released to State. This would help analyse daily/ weekly/ monthly data of each team and tracking report of the patient referred for higher health services.
5. 194 Urban Mobile Health Teams to be rolled out in urban population in Madhya Pradesh.
6. 13 new DEICS to be made functional in 2015-16
7. Recruitment of one State DEIC Manager, seven Divisional Level DEIC managers and 43 new District DEIC managers and one State Data Manager under the program for better functioning and deliverables of outcome.
8. Pediatricians and OT and ICU technicians to be given to Pediatric Surgical Units at Medical Colleges.