Fourth National Summit on Good, Replicable Practices & Innovations in Public Health Care Systems in India Indore Madhya Pradesh 6th July to 8st July 2017

Day 1
Inter-sectoral convergence with Urban Local bodies for increasing service utilization at UPHCs and Conducting special outreach sessions Finding the rarest of rare : recruiting and retaining specialists and other HRH in Tribal districts in Chhattisgarh
3 Tamil Nadu-Intensive NCD screening in UPHCs
1 PPIUCD programme- A success story 2 Reductions in deaths following sterilization
3 Piloting of ANC based GDM screening and management in Hoshangabad , MP 4 The Every Second Matters for Mothers – Uterine Balloon Tamponade Package (ESMUBT)
5 Karnataka Overcoming vaccine hesitancy in MR Campaign 6 J&K-Role of Facility Based New born care in Reducing IMR
7 Capacity Building & Mentoring for Newborn Care through State/Regional Resource Centers in Rajasthan 8 Uttar Pradesh-Kangaroo Care Project-creating KMC lounge for maximizing comfort for mothers
9 Rajasthan-Community Engagement for Saving Daughters in Rajasthan
Session 1
1 HR Prelude Good Practices 2 NHM MP - Accountability in Public Health
3 Finding rarerest of rare -HRH in tribal district of Chhattisgarh ICMR Presentation NHM
Day 2
1 Maharashtra- A Role Model : Good Practices / Innovation in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation for Elimination of Malaria and control of other VBDs 2 - Odisha-Improving access to Malaria control services at community level through community volunteers
3 MP- NLEP-Trialogue To reduce stigma against Leprosy 4 Karnataka -Urban Surveillance under IDSP
5 BBMP PHIEC 07-07-2017 indore
1 Tamil Nadu-DNB INDORE FINAL 10 ANDHRA SVV 1.59 min
10 ANDHRA SVV for Indore-2 11 Community Engagment for Saving Daughers
11 CP PCPNDT AD 2 Revised 25-5-17 2 PH Cadre Odisha
3 Nourishing HRH Comprehensive PHC JSS CG 4 Kashmir Skills
5 hospital Design 6 Rarest of Rare Chhattisgarh
7 BIHAR - 104 call Centre 8 Tamil Nadu NHM Presentation-Transplantation
9 Kerala Medico-legal Protocol For Examination of Survivor of Sexual Offences.pptx  
1 Tobacco Free Villages - Punjab 2 SAMPOORNA MANASIKAROGYAM
3 Operationalizing Mental Health Clinics at District Hospitals of Madhya Pradesh 4 Tripura
5 AP-MMHC - IT-NCD 6 mPower Heart Model for NCD
7 FHC for UHC - Kerala MMHC for Indore
HW Centres- WISH- GoR
Day 3
Chhattisgarh-TB Notification on Sales of Anti-TB Drugs from Chemists in the Chhattisgarh Andhra Pradesh-Core Dashboard for integrated hospital sanitation monitoring
J&K Screening and orientation of ASHAs on NCDs Bihar-Improved Private Sector TB Case Notification and Quality of Care: Patna, Bihar
Infection Control by Swachhta Mission Audit_Gujarat Stae Core dashBoard Integrated Hospital sanitation Monitoring System in Andhra Pradesh Final
AERB Presentation National Summit 2017 final Odisha- HBNC+ for reducing diarrhoea and pneumonia
UP-Reducing Maternal and Newborn Deaths (ReMiND) Project- ASHA Facilitator App Meghalaya-Biowat-Treatment and disposal of liquid waste
Organ Donation FINAL indore